Tuesday, March 8, 2016

8 Children of Joseph Ors Crane and Catherine Williams

UPDATE March 2016

This has not been an attempt to document all the grandchildren of Joseph O. and Catherine       Williams Crain in this paper, however, many descendants of these Crane children have good research that can be found on various websites.  The children of No. 7. Joseph O. Crain, Jr. have been included in the appendix in an effort to analyze the name changes of Ira B. Crain and his children.

The Appendix includes the following documents.

·       Family history of the siblings known by Lide Plowman Benedict, daughter of Emily Crane
·       Mexican War Pension documents of Joseph O. Crain, Jr., his children and grandchildren

Based on ages of the following children, Catherine would have been born about 1770 and married about 1787-1788, at about age 17-18.  She would have been about 18 at the age of the birth of Aaron and age 44 at the birth of Joseph O, certainly feasible. Joseph Ors may have been 5 years older and born about 1765. There most likely are four more children not yet accounted for that were born between 1795-1797 and between 1805 and 1809. Some of these may have been girls, who are harder to track without marriage records readily available during early 1800's.  Some of them may have been children who died early.  Hopefully more information will come forward in the future.


1. Aaron Crain       b. 7 Sep 1788           Wantage, Sussex, New Jersey
2. John W.              b. 25 Mar 1791        Wantage, Sussex, New Jersey
3. Sarah                  b. 27 Jun 1793          Wantage, Sussex, New Jersey
4. Samuel M.          b. 18 May 1799        Wantage, Sussex, New Jersey
5. Gilbert S.            b. abt 1801                New Jersey
6. Elizabeth            b. Nov 1803               New Jersey
7. Francis W.          b. 11 Feb 1811           New Jersey
8. Joseph O.            b. abt 1814                 Sussex County, New Jersey